Exchange offices

An easy way to get domestic or foreign currencies at Gazprom and NIS Petrol station exchange offices!

Designated Gazprom and NIS Petrol stations now offer currency exchange services at more favourable exchange rates for a wide selection of foreign currencies: Australian, US and Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Danish and Norwegian krone, Swedish krona, euro, British pound, Croatian kuna and Serbian dinar.

Choose the currency you need and let us exchange your money in a professional way and under most favourable terms!
Enjoy the rest of the journey.

Visit our new exchange offices at the following stations:
  • Gazprom station Banja Luka 1
  • Gazprom station Bihać 1
  • Gazprom station Bihać 2
  • Gazprom station Čapljina
  • Gazprom station Cazin
  • Gazprom station Doboj
  • Gazprom station Konjic
  • Gazprom station Mostar 1
  • Gazprom station Mostar 2
  • Gazprom station Mostar 3
  • Gazprom station Prijedor 1
  • Gazprom station Šamac
  • Gazprom station Sarajevo 4
  • Gazprom station Tuzla 1
  • Gazprom station Tuzla 1
  • Gazprom station Široki Brijeg
  • NIS Petrol station Donji Šepak 1
  • NIS Petrol station Laktaši Jezero
  • NIS Petrol station Laktaši 
  • NIS Petrol station Foča
  • NIS Petrol station Janja
  • NIS Petrol station Bijeljina 4
  • NIS Petrol station Bijeljina 2 - Trnjaci
  • NIS Petrol station Bijeljina 3 - Popovi
  • NIS Petrol station Rogatica