G-Drive Diesel

For maximum performances
Additive G-Drive Diesel Fuel with the quality for winter period contributes to the optimum operation, more efficient fuel combustion and reliable start-up of the engine in winter period, but it also provides greater power and more stable operation of the engine. G-Drive Diesel is a new generation fuel rich in additive complex, thus guaranteeing the top quality of fuel.
The quality of motor fuels has a direct impact on the engine operation and life and on the quality of driving as well. G-Drive Diesel is a fuel of the top quality, produced in cooperation with the leading experts in the field of additive fuels.

Increased engine power
G-Drive Diesel is a premium additive diesel fuel which gives new power to your vehicle and a better feeling to you during the ride.
The synergy of the active components of additives and Euro Diesel Fuel of the top quality contributes to restoring and increasing the power of your car engine.

Increased flow of the fuel injector
The deposits of impurities which occur during fuel combustion have a negative impact on the engine operation. If you use G-Drive Diesel Fuel, impurities will be removed and the fuel injector flow will be increased, which in combination with more efficient fuel atomization results in restoring and increasing engine power – your ride becomes a unique experience.

Improved engine performances
Besides additional engine power, the use of G-Drive Diesel Fuel contributes to better start-up of the engine and to its more stable and more silent operation as well. Also, the additive complex in this fuel increases the cetane number, which results in more efficient fuel combustion and improved overall engine performances. It is reliable and stable even in winter conditions at extremely low temperatures.
The improved performances and additional engine power enables a more dynamic and more comfortable ride to you.

Professional protection of the fuel system
G-Drive Diesel provides a high-level protection for all the parts of the car engine, especially for fuel injectors and metal parts. It successfully removes impurities and prevents corrosion.

The new additive for the new winter season
During combustion, fuel creates impurities that prevent the engine from developing its full power. Consequently, the risk of engine malfunction increases. That is why we added an active cleaning component to G-Drive Diesel, which eliminates accumulated deposits of dirt. In this way the risk of malfunction is reduced and the lifespan of engine is extended. 
Testings have been done on the reference fuel.
The graphic presentation serves as an illustration.
Active cleaning
During fuel combustion, deposits of impurities occur and prevent the engine from developing its full power. Therefore, the risk of failures increases. The additive complex in G-Drive Diesel Fuel has an active cleaning component which has to eliminate the accumulated deposits of impurities. In this way, in addition to restoring and increasing engine power, this component reduces the risk of failures and helps extend the engine life.
Accumulated dirt on the injectors Cleaned injectors after using G-Drive diesel fuel
Reliable corrosion protection
The active anti-corrosion component of G-Drive Diesel Fuel provides the complete corrosion protection. The constant use of G-Drive Diesel Fuel on metal parts of the engine stops the further spread of corrosion, whereas in a new generation cars this fuel prevents corrosion. Thus the safety and security of your vehicle is guaranteed, and you have one thing less to worry about.
Corrosion on the metal part of the engine Protected metal surface when G-Drive Diesel Fuel is used